Thursday, March 14, 2019

Spring will be here soon!

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Spring. Apparently bears are waking up and some people have spotted robins - first harbingers of spring!
So now the snow needs to melt, then we have to go through the mud season, all of this hopefully sweetened by the smell of maple syrup in the air.

At One Planet, our students still like to play in the snow so there is not many complaints there. We have started session III with programs like "Friendship and Belonging" with Susan Rule, "Lego Workshop" and "Fun Food Fridays" with Siobhan Neale, "Art for Change" with Anne Steibing and "Art Around the World" with Cynthia McPhetres. 
Finding Our Stride led by Mallory Figoras will start towards the end of April. Its mission is to build fitness, self-esteem and teamwork through running. As a culminating event, students will run the RASTA sponsored Sap Boiler Run on June 1st on the Valley Trail in Rochester. Separate registration forms for this wonderful program will be sent home last week of March.

When we need to be inside, students enjoy playing games, legos and creating imaginative art projects. For our "March Madness", half-day field trip we are planning to go to Sugarbush Kids Adventure Zone with a bounce house, games, toys, ping-pong and more. Permission slips to go home very soon!

Thank you for sending your children to our program, we are always happy to welcome new students as well.